State College Lodge No. 770


State College Lodge No. 770 is a Masonic lodge operating under the auspices of the Grand Lodge of Ancient, Free and Accepted Masons of North Carolina.  The lodge was founded in 2015 by alumni and friends of N.C. State University as well as citizens of the Hillsborough Street community.

As an ‘academic lodge’ State College Lodge strives to support North Carolina State University, its students, its faculty, its community, and its traditions by celebrating the close ties established long ago between the University and Freemasonry in the pursuit of erudition and fraternity.

We work to make our world a better place, and in doing so make ourselves better men; better sons, brothers, husbands, partners, fathers, and friends. We pursue knowledge and we embrace diversity.

Masonic visitors are welcome to join us on the 3rd Wednesday of every month at 7:30 p.m. for our stated communication (except November, when we meet the second Saturday).  Besides minimal business, stated communications consist of an educational program or oration.  Degree work takes place on emergent communications (please check the calendar for upcoming degree work and educational events).

***Please note members and visitors are required to wear at least coats and ties during stated and emergent communications.  Lodge officers are required to wear dark suits during degree work.

Visitors–Masons and non-Masons alike–are welcome to join us for dinner between 6:15 p.m. and 7:15 p.m. on Hillsborough Street. Contact us for our current nomadic dining location.


The Officers of State College Lodge for 2020 and 2021. From left to right, Matt Robbins, Historian; Adam Cloninger, Tyler; Rob Scott, Sr. Deacon; Andrew Townley, Chaplain; Will Highsmith, Sr. Warden; Steve Barrell, Master; Nathan Ashcraft, Jr. Warden; Derek Solom, Steward; Gerry Thomas, Jr. Deacon; Jonathan Underwood, Marshall; Belk McDill, Steward (Chris Mills, Treasurer and Mirl Austin, Secretary were absent)


The Officers of State College Lodge for 2019. From left to right, Mirl Austin, Secretary; Chris Mills, Secretary; Billy Huggins, Steward; Nathan Ashcraft, Sr. Deacon; Steve Barrell, Sr. Warden; Adam Cloninger, Master; Jerry Thomas, Steward; Rob Scott, Jr. Deacon; Eric Sepulvida, Chaplin; Will Highsmith, Jr. Deacon; Belk McDill, Tyler.


The Officers and members of State College Lodge for 2018. From left to right: D.M. Lawson; Billy Huggins, Steward; Chris Mills, Treasurer; Adam Clonginer, Sr. Warden; Rob Scott, Steward; Matthew Robbins, Master; Jerry Thomas, Chaplain; Steve Barrell, Jr. Warden; Brent Kaleta; Mirl Austin, Secretary; Andrew Townley; ?; Eric Sepulveda, Tyler; Jonathan Underwood; Tom Zelickman


The Officers of State College Lodge for 2017. From left to right, Chris Mills, Treasurer; Steve Barrell, Sr. Deacon; Billy Huggins, Tiler; Nathan Ashcraft, Sr. Steward; Adam Cloninger, Jr. Warden; Jonathan Underwood, Master; Gerry Thomas, Chaplain; Matthew Robbins, Sr. Warden; Robert Scott, Jr. Steward; William Highsmith, Jr. Deacon; Mirl Austin, Secretary.


State College Lodge received a dispensation to operate from Grand Master Douglas L. Caudle on 17 June 2015, was Chartered 23 September 2016, and Consecrated (above) by Grand Master Bryant D. Webster on 19 October 2016. Dr. Michael W. Brantley (pictured at center) served as the Lodge’s first Master. Front row, left to right: D.M. Sigmon, Jr. Grand Warden; P. Shaun Bradshaw, Sr. Grand Deacon; A. Gene Cobb, Deputy Grand Master; Bryant D. Webster, Grand Master, C. Speed Hallman, Jr. Grand Warden; R. David Wicker, Jr. Grand Deacon. Second Row, left to right: Gerry Thomas, Chaplain; Eric Sepulveda, Billy Huggins, Steward; Matthew Robbins, Jr. Warden; Dr. Michael W. Brantley, Master; Jonathan Underwood, Sr. Warden; D.M. Lawson; Albert Hopping; William Highsmith, Steward. Back row, left to right: Nathan Ashcraft; Robert Scott, Tyler; Elliot Swindell; Adam Cloninger, Sr. Deacon; Mirl Austin, Secretary; Chris Mills, Treasurer; Tyler Nichols, Steve Barrell, Jr. Deacon; Dalton Mayo, Past Grand Master; Gene Maples; Dan Hopping; Jimmy Stevens, Judge Advocate; T. Walton Clapp, Grand Secretary.

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